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Team Workshops


How often has your team performed better in practice than in competition? How often have your best players lost their edge due to nervousness? Has your team ever lost a game when one of your players couldn’t control their emotions?

Strengthen and build team cohesion, mental toughness and overall performance through our team training program. Our programs are a powerful addition to any team training camp or training throughout the season. Group or team meetings are an efficient way to bring mindset training to an entire team or coaching group.

They can provide athletes with individualized skills training, build awareness of team dynamics, and develop strategies to foster a supportive team environment. Similarly, team or group sessions are a valuable opportunity for players and coaches to create a shared vision for their team and can assist coaches in the development of constructive communication and leadership strategies. Our team sessions are experiential and interactive, allowing coaches and athletes to learn both from our mental game topics, and one another.

As the Athletes Mental Trainer, I’ve developed a systematic method for assessing the mental skills of your athletes and for training their mental effectiveness. Our model, The “Don’t Let Up Till You Line Up™” been developed and used successfully with hundreds of athletes from a wide variety of sports from scholastic to world-class, Olympic and professional.

Coaches know that the mental side of sport is important. But just saying, “relax”, “focus” or “get your head in the game” doesn’t work. 

Mental Game Coaching for teams is particularly valuable with these critical performance issues -

  • The Mental Game Impact
  • Anxiety
  • Choking
  • Focus
  • Goal setting & Achievement
  • Perfectionism
  • Mental Practice
  • Self-Discipline & Procrastination

The Athletes Mental Trainer runs group clinics and workshops throughout the year, highlighting different mental game coaching topics and areas. These programs offer wonderful training and educational opportunities while maximizing cost-effectiveness for your organization.

Take advantage of the following workshops for your team


An athlete’s mental toughness is a key component in determining their ultimate success, both on and off the playing field. This powerful seminar series, running weekly for 4 consecutive weeks, introduces athletes to the many key features involved in developing their mental toughness along with an overall mindset for success.

  • Athlete Learning Styles
  • Mental Toughness Evaluation
  • Coping with Pressure
  • Imagery & Visualization

Successful athletes compete with confidence. This 1.5-hour workshop running periodically throughout the year teaches athletes what “healthy” confidence looks and feels like, and how to go about developing it.

The ability to focus and concentrate is a key component to achieving success in sport. This workshop helps athletes gain an understanding of what effective focus looks like. Athletes will learn strategies to help find the “right” focus and manage both internal and external distractions. The workshop runs periodically throughout the year.

Maintaining high levels of motivation and knowing what you are working towards, are essential ingredients to achieving both short term and long term success. In this workshop, players gain insight into their own levels of motivation, along with the factors getting in the way. Athletes learn how to set SMART goals, and monitor their progress moving forward.

This workshop runs periodically throughout the year.

Potential – Interference

Discover How to Become Unstoppable by Unleashing the Power of Neuroplasticity


Everyone has the potential to perform better. That potential is often blocked by mental interFEARence. The biggest obstacle in performance is not knowing what to do; it’s not doing what we know. Discover how to overcome your mental blocks and unlock your greatest potential. Perhaps now is the right time.

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