Adopt a growth mindset to reach your full potential

The foundation of mental performance training rests on an understanding that mindset is dynamic; it changes, and it can grow.
Mindset is how you see yourself, your situation, and the world. Your mindset is your perspective.

How is it that two people in the exact situation can respond at two totally different ends of the spectrum?

One athlete sees adversity as a bend in the road and the other as the end of the road…

All of these responses are a product of one’s mindset.

Attitudes and mindsets have a great effect on mental and physical toughness. An Elite Mindset refers to someone who believes that all of their skills and abilities can be improved through hard work and dedication. Learn how having a growth mindset can help you improve your performance in not just athletics, but every aspect of life.


  • Perspective creates your reality. You might be the biggest, strongest, fastest and most nutritionally locked in athlete of all time, but if your mindset is off, you will leave all of those skills in the gym and you won’t show up when the lights come on for competition as consistently as you need to be a peak performer.
  • I see it all the time in the MMA fighters who come to work with me. They wonder why they leave it in the gym and why they fight not to lose instead of fighting to win.
  • They can do it in the gym, but step into the cage and they freeze up. Not due to a lack of physical training, but due to a lack of mental performance coaching.