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The athletes mental trainer Podcast

Unlocking the Minds of Great Performers: Elevating Your Potential and Preparing You for Life!

Welcome to the Athletes Mental Trainer podcast with Ken Bizup, a sought-after professional resource on the mindset principles that help young athletes reach new levels of performance and personal success. Join our community of high performers on a personal growth journey to become better athletes, leaders, and competitors as we explore and uncover the strategies, challenges, and triumphs that have propelled their businesses to success. The episodes in these podcasts are all about being a student of a growth mindset. We believe mental performance coaching isn't about being broken and needing to fix something. It's about becoming more of who you were always meant to be. Here we work on and challenge your mindset. The good stuff, the hard stuff, the stuff most people won't do. But you're different and that's why you are here. From industry titans to emerging leaders, each episode offers a rare glimpse into the world of performance psychology thinking.

New episodes will be available every Monday as part of our Mindset Mondays content.

Podcast preview

Sport Psychology Coaching for Athletes

Episode Description: Sport psychology coaching is a way for athletes to improve their performance by developing mental skills to overcome mental game challenges that are holding them back and keeping them from enjoying their sport.

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Dive into my Most Popular Episodes

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In our inaugural episode, we sit down with visionary CEOs who share their secrets to success. 

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What some of our Successful clients say

"Jack Solomon's CEO Secrets podcast has been a game-changer for me. As a budding entrepreneur, hearing directly from CEOs who have navigated the complexities of business. Jack's thoughtful questions and the candid responses from his guests make every episode a must-listen"

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Carol Turner

"As a CEO myself, I'm always looking for ways to sharpen my leadership skills and stay ahead of the curve. Jack's podcast has become my go-to resource for inspiration and practical advice. The insights shared by his guests are invaluable, and I find myself returning to them time and time again for guidance."

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Jeff Carter

"Listening to Jack's podcast feels like having a private conversation with some of the most successful CEOs in the world. The depth of insight and the authenticity of the conversations are unmatched. If you're serious about leadership and business growth, do yourself a favor and subscribe to CEO Secrets."

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Helen Adams

"Jack's podcast offers a unique blend of wisdom, inspiration, and actionable advice. Whether you're a seasoned executive or aspiring leader, there's something here for everyone. I've recommended CEO Secrets to all my colleagues and peers – it's truly a hidden gem in the world of business podcasts."

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Barbara Young

"I stumbled upon CEO Secrets while searching for podcasts on leadership, and I'm so glad I did. Jack's interviewing style is engaging, and he has a knack for drawing out the most interesting stories and lessons from his guests. It's been a valuable addition to my personal development routine."

David Edwards

"Jack Solomon has a knack for finding the most intriguing CEOs to interview on his podcast. Each episode is like a masterclass in leadership, packed with practical tips and real-world examples. Whether you're a CEO yourself or simply interested in business, CEO Secrets is a must-listen."

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James Martin

The Athletes Mental Trainer Podcast

Unlocking the Minds of CEOs: Elevating Your Business Insights

Ken Bizup

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