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Mental Toughness Training for Parents


Parents want what’s best for their child but often are not sure how to make that happen within the sport setting. Our Sports Parent Mental Training programs teach ideal parent roles, how to be a positive support, and how to control emotions while on the sidelines. For the first time, parents can be on the same page mentally as the coaches and athletes.

What stresses you out about youth sports? The busyness? The coaching conflicts? The drama?

Although youth sports is supposed to be a fun experience for you and your children, it’s inevitable that youth sports stress will creep in. After all, competition comes with pressure and that pressure affects sports parents in a multitude of ways.

Between rides to frequent practices, individualized coaching sessions, and transportation to out-of-town tournaments, parents have taken on a far greater role in the sports their children play in the past decade.

I offer programs to help parents deal with the stress, anxiety, and emotions of being a sports parent.

As you and your child-athlete walk away from youth sports, you will know that if you learned to cope with stress within the snapshot of sports, you can learn to handle it in the bigger picture of life.

Welcome to Athletes Mental Trainer, I’m passionate about helping athletes, their families, and coaches enrich their lives through sport by learning life skills, achieving high levels of performance, and enjoying their sport participation.

As a sports parent, you play a critical role in helping your young athlete feel confident and become successful in sports. What you say, your body language during a competition, even how you think about sports will affect your athletes’ confidence. As a parent, you should understand what influences your athletes’ confidence, focus, and composure on the playing field.

Kids naturally want to please their parents and make them feel proud of their accomplishments. But you should also understand many parents unknowingly pressure their athlete and instill a fear of failure. Ever wonder why young athletes lose interest in a sport they love to play? I’ll let you in on a secret: the fear of letting a parent down is the biggest source of failure for young athletes.

How Do You Parent A Peak Performer?

As a professional Certified Sport Psychology Coach and Sport Performance Consultant, I’ve worked with many competitive teenage athletes as well as their parents. In addition to professional athletes. I was also the parent of three former competitive athletes.

You want them to succeed, to learn and grow, to achieve their dreams, and above all to be happy and become mentally strong in the process. Are you also concerned about some aspects of their performance, because you know they could be doing better? Or perhaps your relationship with them has gotten a bit strained, and your ability to influence their decisions isn’t what it used to be. You might even be at your wits’ end, and looking for a new approach.

To effectively parent a peak-performing athlete, you must become a peak-performing parent.

When you work with me, together we will discuss the challenges that rarely get talked about. I will also provide you with the tools you need to deal with those challenges. These skills will give you a competitive edge in your performance as parents, so your young athletes can achieve peak performance in their sport.

Instill in your children the confidence to pursue their sports goals with passion and gusto.

Empower Them

Enable your children to gain full ownership of their athletic lives

Emotional Mastery

Show them how to respond positively to the many emotional challenges that sports present


Ultimately lay the foundation for raising children who will find success and happiness in sports and life

Everything you do at this very early stage of your children’s sports experience should be devoted to instilling in them a sound physical and mental foundation

Do you want your young athlete to become the best they can be and perhaps compete for a
D1 college or even become an Olympian or a pro? Then look long and hard at what they really need and don’t need at this very early stage of their sports participation.

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Would Mental Game Training Help My Athlete?

If any of these things seem to describe your athlete, the Athletes Mental Trainer can help

✅ stuck in a performance slump? Lacking confidence?

✅ Is there a concern about “choking”?

✅ Is fear of injury or failure getting in their way?

✅ Do they think too much about past failures, mistakes or bad luck?

✅ Are they struggling with getting motivated? Not having fun anymore?

✅ Do they seem depressed? Anxious? Withdrawn? Angry? Irritable?

✅ Is your athlete dealing with an injury or trying to return to play after an injury?

Are You Pushing Your Athlete Too Hard –

I’m often asked by sports parents if they are pushng their athlete too hard. Being aware of a few behaviors in yourself and in your athlete can help you make the adjustments necessary to support your athlete in their sport development. Listen to a short audio clip as I discuss a few key indicators.

Potential – Interference

Discover How to Become Unstoppable by Unleashing the Power of Neuroplasticity


Everyone has the potential to perform better. That potential is often blocked by mental interFEARence. The biggest obstacle in performance is not knowing what to do; it’s not doing what we know. Discover how to overcome your mental blocks and unlock your greatest potential. Perhaps now is the right time.

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