One-on-One and Group Coaching for Sports Parents

Our sports parents programs are designed to promote healthy parent-athlete relationships in the competitive and often stressful world of competitive world of sports.

As a sports parent you play a critical role in helping your young athlete feel confident, perform well, and become successful in sports. As a parent, what you say, your body language during competition – even how you think about sports – has an effect on your athletes confidence.

Kids naturally want to make their parents proud. However, fear of letting a parent down is the biggest source of fear of failure for young athletes.

It’s important for you to understand what influences your athletes confidence, focus, and composure on the playing field. However, most parents don’t understand the real source of their kid’s distraction, pressure, or frustration and ability to perform at their peak during competition.

The Mental Game Coaching Program for Sports Parents Includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Parent’s Mental Aptitude Profile (PMAP)
  • PMAP Summary, comprehensive assessment identifying top challenges for sports parents
  • Targeted areas for improvement
  • Customized Mental Game Plan (MGP) outlining your specific strategies for improvement
  • Ind
  • Training materials to help you stay on track


Survey Says – Top Challenges for Sports Parents

A survey was conducted by Mental Training Expert Dr. Patrick Cohen in which close to three thousand sports parents were asked to identify their top challenges and what their kids struggle with the most.  Below are the results.

Top Challenges for Parents

  1. Understanding how to help my child get the most out of his or her talent with out pressuring my child
  2. Understanding how to approach my child about improving performance
  3. Figuring out how to identify when my child athlete is struggling with the mental game of sports
  4. Learning how to motivate my child in sports
  5. Improving communication with my children about their sports experience

Biggest Challenges for your children in sports

  1. They struggle with doubts and negative thoughts about their performance
  2. They have trouble letting go of mistakes and become easily frustrated or angry
  3. They worry too much about what others think about their game
  4. They perform tentatively or lack assertiveness against skilled players
  5. They perform consistently better in practice than in competition