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Athletes today excel physically, but Mental Strength sets them apart

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Assessments are information gathering instruments used to locate patterns of perception, thought, and behavior that directly impact performance and mental health. This information allows your provider to quickly and reliably map your existing mindset, identify strengths and areas for growth, and chart an informed, customized path to achieving your personal and performance goals.

This is about building the foundation for a Champion Mindset to create a deep rooted level of belief, confidence, and success within oneself as an athlete, and as a person through life, when sports are no longer the focus. Preparing you to perform in LIFE!!

Do you know specifically how to prepare yourself like a champion –
both physically and mentally?
Would you like to maximize your performance, and improve the return on investment for all of the physical and financial investments you’ve been making in your sport?
Are you mentally at the top of your game every time you take on the challenges specific to your sport?
Are you ready to unlock your greatest athletic potential?

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When you work with me, you don’t have to look back on your athletic playing career and say "I wish I would have." 

You’re going to say 

”I’m so glad I did.”


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Uncover what could be holding you back

from achieving your goals: from confidence to concentration to composure, we’ll identify what needs to improve.

Outline our Complete Mental Performance Coaching Program

for a gaining and maintaining a championship mindset in sport and in life.

If it looks like we're a great fit to help you achieve your goals

we’ll talk about working together and what that will look like.

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ACSI-28 Package

The Athletic Coping Skills Inventory 28 (“ACSI-28”) is a highly validated psychology assessment that measures an athlete’s psychological coping skills in seven key areas.  

The ACSI-28 helps guide athletes who are interested in gaining more understanding and clarity around these mental skills that can impact performance. 

Athletes will answer a series of 28 questions surrounding different performance psychology components. 

Based on the athlete’s results, they will receive an individual report 

What it Does

Measures seven different psychological aspects of performance:

Coping with Adversity
Confidence and Achievement
Goal Setting and Mental Preparation
Peaking under Pressure
Freedom from Worry
Generates individualized feedback based on results, with specific advice and action steps to improve going forward
Increases self-awareness for athletes
Gives coaches a better idea of their athlete’s psychological coping skills

Generates a baseline measure of psychological skills within the sport for each individual, allowing them to see their areas of strength as well as areas that could be further developed. This provides an initial measure that athletes may compare and contrast with future measures to see how his/her performance has altered throughout time
Gives an individual athlete potential steps to improve his/her performance and suggests specific components of the Premier Mindset Program that will be helpful in improving the particular psychological skill
In understanding where an athlete’s psychological skill sets may lie in comparison to other elite athletes, he/she can begin to prioritize their mental training through performance psychology, which can help to enhance performance optimization routines and may create greater consistency in athletic performance over time

CSAI-2 Package

The Competitive Sport Anxiety Inventory -2 (“CSAI-2”) is a highly validated psychology assessment that is used to measure anxiety in sport and is one of the most widely used measures.

Anxiety is a common emotion that can be experienced in a variety of situations, including sport. In sport, anxiety can be beneficial, as it can help an athletes to focus and perform at their best. However, too much anxiety can be detrimental to performance. 

Based on the athlete’s results, they will receive an individual report 

What it Does

Measures three dimensions of anxiety:

Cognitive anxiety - refers to the athlete's thoughts and concerns about their performance. Examples include:
" I am concerned that I may not do as well in this competition as I could do"
"I am concerned about choking under pressure."

Somatic anxiety - refers to the athlete's physical symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, muscle tension, and sweating. Examples include:
"My body feels tense."
"I feel jittery."
Self-confidence - refers to the athlete's belief in their ability to perform well. Examples include:
"I feel self-confident."

Can be used to identify athletes who are experiencing high levels of anxiety, and it can also be used to track changes in anxiety over time.

EXCEL Package

Flexible plan with on-site competition and 
practice support


FREE initial strategy session
Initial assessment - Athletes Mental Aptitude Performance Profile
12 weeks of 1-on-1 Mental Performance Training - each session is 60 minutes
5 hours of on-site competition/practice observation hours
Access to online worksheets and Mental Performance App
Learn the principles of success that professional athletes use and much more
This is the premier package, ideal for athletes that want to work with the Athletes Mental Trainer during preseason and into their competitive season. It's the perfect solution for athletes that want to include mental performance coaching for competition/practice observation and application of mental skills coaching in real-time
Travel and other related expenses are not included