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Equestrian Sports Performance



As equestrian sports become ever more competitive, and those participating attain even higher achievements, the mental side of the sport is fast becoming even more important. Sometimes accident, injury, or external stress may cause anxiety and fear culminating in diminished confidence and poor performance.

Riding for competition or for pleasure can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. When all is well, the sense of achievement whatever your goal or level of riding is immense.

You want to get the most from riding and the best from your horse, however sometimes negative experiences or self-doubt can stand in the way, causing frustration and loss of confidence in your abilities as a rider.

You may want to go to the next level – whether it be in dressage, x-country, show jumping, schooling, hacking or actually riding your own horse – however at times our ‘mental blocks’ prevent us from moving forward.

As a specialist sports performance coach I know from experience both in general sports and in equestrianism, that even the most dedicated and confident of horsemen & women can be struck with fear, stress, and anxiety at any time.

Mental Game Coaching for riders is particularly valuable with these critical performance issues -

Have you lost confidence riding or handling your horse or pony?

Did you have an accident sometime in the past and now you are nervous about something similar happening again on perhaps even a different horse?

Have you started riding late in life, and the amount you need to know feels daunting?

Have you just bought your first horse or pony and it seems very different to perhaps the Riding-School horse that was so familiar?

Have you just returned to riding after a long break, and your confidence is not what is was and this makes you tense?

Do you feel that you are not achieving all that you and your horse are capable of, or you have lost your motivation to keep trying?

Do find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t ride today, tomorrow, in that area, or at that time?

 …if your answer is yes, our confident rider programs are for you…

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