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Athlete Assessments

Discover What’s Holding You Back From Playing Your Best

What’s preventing you from playing your best game? Why are you choking under pressure?

Why aren’t you fully confident and self-assured every time you step into the competitive sports arena?

Why can’t you enter the zone at will, and stay there under pressure?

In order to fully promote your potential for peak performance, it’s important to understand what’s blocking you.

Assessing physical talent is fairly easy for coaches and scouts. They can watch an athlete in action, conduct various physical endurance tests, or review a player’s stats, whether in the form of number of goals, touchdowns, or medals. However, as every coach, scout, and athlete knows, competing in sports is as much a psychological endeavor as it is a physical one. The greatest athletic talent and skill will have little impact if a person suffers from a lack of confidence, a poor work ethic, or concentration difficulties.

Mental Game assessments can offer insight into an athlete’s mind and allow coaches and scouts to –

Pinpoint mental blocks that can hold an athlete back from reaching his or her full potential

Understand an athlete's strengths and focus training on areas that require further development

Assess personality traits that are shown in sports psychology research to have an impact on performance, like mental toughness, competitiveness, and focus

An initial mental game assessment is a recommended first step and is meant to be broad, to quickly provide you with the big picture in sport psychology and your current athletic mental game mindset. It will help you see numerous peak performance possibilities so your thinking about your mental game is stimulated. This may be the first of many assessments you could perform to pinpoint your strengths, assets, desires and areas for growth so we can formulate a strategic and tactical plan for building a strong and successful mental game.

Assessments will help serve as a launching point for understanding how the mental game coaching process works. Your mental game training begins the moment you begin completing an assessment. Understanding the mental game, becoming aware of possibilities, knowing yourself, seeing the big picture, and expanding and sharpening your mental game toolkit all begins now.

World class athletes and professional athletes know that mental skills can be trained. Take the assessment and learn where you are in your mental game and discover how you would benefit from Mental Game Coaching.

After completing an initial assessment, we’ll work with an athlete to identify and prioritize key areas for improvement utilizing the following mental skills framework.

The mental skills and mental toughness model comprises four key areas that can be thought of as critical attributes/success factors that help create an attitude and mindset, and produce behaviors and competencies that lie behind and help sustain successful performance.

Potential – Interference

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