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There are two fundamental human desires that are deep within each of us – the desire to be and do our best and the desire to be significant to others, to make a difference. These desires created a catalyst for The Athletes Mental Trainer™.

My Philosophy - Simple... what can be more important to an athlete than a Healthy Mind.

As an athlete and client, you’ll push the boundaries of achievement and facilitate a pathway towards success, in sport, business, and life in general. Through the implementation of a highly effective sport psychology & mental game performance program, you’ll discover how to break through the barriers that inhibit peak performance, while developing an overall growth mindset for excellence and success.

I offer exclusive mental training programs tailored to meet every athlete’s needs and help them to remove the interference from their full potential. From 1-on-1 mental training programs for individual athletes to team, parent, and organizational workshops, my holistic approach to delivering both sport psychology and sport science can be seen throughout my services that offer the best methods for improving performance. 

“I help athletes who want to overcome slumps, yips, choking, and rejuvenate their performance to become a mentally tougher player.’ 

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Sport Psychology Coach | Applied Neuroscience

About Ken

Ken Bizup is the Athletes Mental Trainer™. He is a sought-after professional resource on the mindset principles that help athletes reach new levels of performance and personal success. He is a certified Sport Psychology and Mental Performance coach specializing in Repetitive Sports Performance Problems (RSPPs) and Sport Trauma resolution. He has a sport science background in Applied Neuroscience and Neuromuscular/Neurocognitive strength and conditioning. Exercise therapy specializations for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. He is the founder and director of Athletes Mental Trainer™, and Neuro Agility Fitness™.

Ken has been a competitive athlete for the majority of his life. He competed in the following sports – Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Kickboxing and various styles of Martial Arts. He currently competes as as an NPC, IFBB bodybuilder in the masters division.