There are two fundamental human desires that are deep within each of us – the desire to be and do our best and the desire to be significant to others, to make a difference. These desires created a catalyst for The Athletes Mental Trainer™.

Welcome to Athletes Mental Trainer, I’m passionate about helping athletes, their families, and coaches enrich their lives through sport by learning life skills, achieving high levels of performance, and enjoying their sport participation.

My Philosophy – Simple… what can be more important to an athlete than a Healthy Mind.

As an athlete and client, you’ll push the boundaries of achievement and facilitate a pathway towards success, in sport, business, and life in general. Through the implementation of a highly effective sport psychology & mental game performance program, you’ll discover how to break through the barriers that inhibit peak performance, while developing an overall growth mindset for excellence and success.

I offer exclusive mental training programs tailored to meet every athlete’s needs and help them to remove the interference from their full potential. From 1-on-1 mental training programs for individual athletes to team, parent and organizational workshops, my holistic approach to delivering both sport psychology and sport science can be seen throughout my services that offer the best methods for improving performance.

I specialize in sports trauma resolution. The unconscious accumulation of physical and emotional traumas in an athlete’s brain and body that are the root cause of all significant performance problems.

Frequently these negative experiences hold a strong emotional charge, which increase the athlete’s struggles. Occasionally, they also involve exposure to embarrassment and humiliation. The unconscious accumulation

Using neuroscience techniques I identify and target performance problems Stuck in the athlete’s brain-body. This is unlike the symptom-focused approach Of most sports psychology programs out there today. I go beyond the cognitive brain Into the deeper parts where athletic ability, body memories, experiences, and Sports related traumas is held.

“I help athletes who want to overcome slumps, yips, choking and rejuvenate their performance to become a mentally tougher player.’ 

How We Are Different

Mental Game Training is an investment in ones’s overall athletic development rather than just a product or service rendered. All too often I see mental game coachng packages being offered to athletes, parents, coaches as online lessons. These online products don’t address or resolve the root cause of an athletes mental block, slump, or injury recovery. These products and service are great for educationg on the various elements required to be a mentally tough athlete, but fall short of actually providing value in terms of working directly one-on-one with the athlete to address a specific issue(s).

At the Athletes Mental Trainer, we do not apply a generic “one-size-fits-all” approach. Rather our fees and services are in line with the clients pursuit of their goals, in which effective individualized programs are prepared and successfully delivered producing real results. Therefore, we don’t offer clients “packages” that promise results within a predetermined timeframe. Instead, our training programs are desighed to fit the needs and goals of each client and clients can focus their attention on achieving and developing their skills rather than watching a clock or calendar trying to make it all fit in.

Our individualized programs vary; however, most clients can expect to begin their work with a 6-session program. This typically allows time for initial mental game skills assessment, weekly one-on-one instruction, new skills application, and progress evaluation.

Each session allows for specific training objectives to be accomplished. Typically, sessions are face-to-face meetings between client and myself that last from 40-60 minutes – although they may last longer or shorted depending on clients needs. Sessions can take different forms for different individuals (using telephone, Skype, or email communications if needed). Programs can be extended and expanded as needed at any time.

Athletes that lack mental toughness suffer from three BIG problems

1. Frustration: Frustration over making mistakes, suffering losses or trailing in a competition. Frustration keeps an athlete’s mind stuck in the past, preventing them from seeing the opportunities in the present to turn the tide in their favor.

2. Fear of Failure: Fear over bad outcomes or choking in critical moments in competition. Fear is future-based and, also, prevents you from focusing in the NOW or the things you need to do in the present in order to be successful.

3. Dwelling on Mistakes: Dwelling on errors is the number one distraction for athletes today. You cannot play in the present moment or stay in the zone if your mind is stuck on a missed opportunity or faulty performance. Once you begin to dwell on an error and beat yourself up, it is very hard to stop the cycle of negativity. Let go of the error (Regroup) (Reset) (Refocus) and think about the next point or play

So if you are looking to go from good to great, it is imperative that you work on your mental toughness. Mental toughness gives you a chance, and in sports, anything can happen if given the chance.

Meet Your Coach

Ken Bizup is the Athlete’s Mental Trainer™. He is a sought-after professional resource on the mindset principles that help athletes reach new levels of performance and personal success. He is a certified Mental Game Trainer, Sports Psychology Coach, and Certified Professional Sports Hypnotist specializing in Repetitive Sports Performance Problems (RSPPs) and Sports Trauma resolution. He is the founder and director of the Proformance Hypnosis Center, Sports Hypnosis Academy and Athletes Mental Trainer™.

Ken is a seasoned coach and business professional with 15 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes in both the private and public sector. His business expertise as a change management/business transformation consultant, combined with his long-standing experience as a baseball coach, allows him to equip athletes with proven strategies and skills to maximize their mental edge and improve their performance in competition while maintaining balance in their lives.

The following background checks and clearances have been completed and approved by the listed governing agencies for Ken Bizup.

– NJ State Police Background check, Fingerprinting Cleared
– PA State Police Background check, Fingerprinting Cleared
– PA Child Welfare – Child Abuse History Background Check Cleared

Potential – Interference

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