Timing In Sports Is EVERYTHING


Brain Timing Training is for athletes who want to achieve excellence in their sport. Bringing their brain clock to a superior level to optimize athletic performance.

Brain Timing improves coordination and timing, and teaches an athlete’s mind how to get into and stay “in the zone”, shut out distractions and stay focused in the play. This means better performance and judgment with fewer mistakes and penalties,

About Brain Timing
As athletic ability is more developed in today’s competitive world, to be the BEST, an athlete has to train their body and their BRAIN.

Like any muscle in the body that needs to be finely tuned for peak performance, the human brain can also be trained by increasing, regenerating, and strengthening the neural pathways in the brain. Brain Timing is effective to increase an athlete’s rhythm, timing, coordination, concentration, focus, balance, decision making, cognitive processing speed, motor planning and sequencing by strengthening and training the neural pathways

Research in human performance shows that there are neurological “keys” that exist that can help you unlock your brain’s full potential.

This training is dedicated to helping athletes discover the neurological “keys” to unlocking your full potential and understanding your brain better…so you can transform your performance, and achieve your greatest performance potential faster and easier than ever before.

Research shows that combining whole body movements with cognitive tasks leads to overall better outcomes. Brain Timing Training (Interactive Metronome®) is a patented and unique training tool that challenges thinking and movement simultaneously, providing real-time millisecond feedback to help synchronize the body’s “internal clock.”

“I help athletes who want to overcome slumps, yips, choking, and rejuvenate their performance to become a mentally tougher player.’ 

Athletes that lack mental toughness suffer from three BIG problems

1. Frustration: Frustration over making mistakes, suffering losses or trailing in a competition. Frustration keeps an athlete’s mind stuck in the past, preventing them from seeing the opportunities in the present to turn the tide in their favor.

2. Fear of Failure: Fear over bad outcomes or choking in critical moments in competition. Fear is future-based and, also, prevents you from focusing in the NOW or the things you need to do in the present in order to be successful.

3. Dwelling on Mistakes: Dwelling on errors is the number one distraction for athletes today. You cannot play in the present moment or stay in the zone if your mind is stuck on a missed opportunity or faulty performance. Once you begin to dwell on an error and beat yourself up, it is very hard to stop the cycle of negativity. Let go of the error (Regroup) (Reset) (Refocus) and think about the next point or play

So if you are looking to go from good to great, it is imperative that you work on your mental toughness. Mental toughness gives you a chance, and in sports, anything can happen if given the chance.

Meet Your Coach

Ken Bizup is the Athlete’s Mental Trainer™. He is a sought-after professional resource on the mindset principles that help athletes reach new levels of performance and personal success. He is a certified Mental Game Trainer, Sports Psychology Coach, Oxygen Advantage – Advanced Level Instructor, and Professional Sports Hypnotist specializing in Repetitive Sports Performance Problems (RSPPs) and Sports Trauma resolution. He is the founder and director of Athletes Mental Trainer™, Athletes EYEQ, the Proformance Hypnosis Center, and Sports Hypnosis Academy.

Ken is a seasoned coach and business professional with 15 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes in both the private and public sectors. His business expertise as a change management/business transformation consultant, combined with his long-standing experience as a baseball coach, martial artist, and competitive athlete, allows him to equip athletes with proven strategies and skills to maximize their mental edge and improve their performance in competition while maintaining balance in their lives.

The following background checks and clearances have been completed and approved by the listed governing agencies for Ken Bizup.

– NJ/PA State Police Background Check
– PA Child Welfare clearance

Potential – Interference

Discover How to Become Unstoppable by Unleashing the Power of Neuroplasticity

Neurotiming is one of the most critical factors in human performance.

Everyone has the potential to perform better. The best athletes in the world stand out because they are able to read the game faster and make better decisions under pressure. Discover how to unlock your greatest potential. Perhaps now is the right time for you.

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