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“What I’ve learned over the years is that those athletes who win the mental battle from the outset are far more capable of achieving virtually anything. Mental Toughness is what turns good athletes into GREAT COMPETITORS. It’s what separates the truly great from the good.”

Ken Bizup – The Athletes Mental Trainer”

Who This Is For

- Improving Your Mindset -

If you are an up-and-coming athlete, this is the right place to reach higher performance levels. Young athletes who would either like to learn new skills or build on their existing mental skills so they can get to the next performance level.

Athletes who are under-performing and have mental barriers that they would like to get rid of, even if they are ready physically. Athletes who need to learn the necessary mental skills so they can continue to progress and prepare future competitions.

College is getting more expensive every year. Training your mind gives you the edge you need to take your game to the next level. Investing in mindset coaching now, will pay off years later. What would you invest in yourself/your athlete today if you knew it would result in a $200K athletic scholarship tomorrow?

What We Do

- Mental Toughness Mastery -

We work with athletes, entrepreneurs, and people from every walk of life to help them reach their extraordinary potential.

Whether you are an athlete or you simply want to get more out of life — we are all performers. And with any performance, having the optimal mindset is key when showing up each day to perform and being successful.

Having an effective and continually evolving growth mindset is the key to achieving your performance goals. Athletes Mental Trainer provides a sport science-based coaching process designed to enhance self-awareness and take your performance to the next level. Our Mental Toughness Coaching programs are design and field validated to help you find the right "mindset" to reach your performance goals and overcome any barrier. Mental Toughness training is for anyone who wants to thrive in high-pressure situations. Athletes, performing artists, and leadership positions can develop personal growth and get one step closer to their true potential. If you are ready to take control of your future, then book a free 1-on-1 introduction session.

We’ve been tracking the confidence, motivation and performance of our clients. The numbers have been consistent – on average our clients show improvements of over 50% after following their program for 2 months, and over 100% after 6 months. Our training is effective, convenient and affordable!

Here are just a few of the Performance Improvements clients will typically focus on

And So Much More!

Why Aspiring Athletes Chose To Work With Me

Because They See Results!

Hey Ken! I hope you are doing well. My season has been over for a month now and I wanted to update you. This season I grew so much because of the techniques you taught me during our sessions. I achieved a save percentage of 0.923 and only conceded 3 goals all season, 4th best in the NCAA!

Anyways, just wanted to reach out and let you know how much you helped me!

Another Championship Ring Achieved!!

Back-to-back seasons - 2 different teams

Hi Ken!

I just wanted to send a quick thank you message! Thank you so much for taking AJ on and the work you’ve put in with him.

I cannot say enough good things about AJ and little…actually huge for him changes he made. It was a breath of fresh air seeing him before, during and after games. From not being insanely uptight/moody before games, to looking relaxed yet powerful on the ice!

Whatever you are doing we can’t thank you enough. I told him yesterday that it’s going to be entirely different season for him this year just based on his own happiness.

I see not only his play being better this coming season but his relationship with teammates too which I feel is very important.

He didn’t get like this overnight so I know there’s still more positive to come and it will take time. He will have a bad game and things like that will be a test but I am confident with continued work with you that he will be well prepared for it.

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